Classroom Sets of books

Teachers here is the list of classroom sets we have on hand at OMHS.  If you see some books that we don't have a set of and you would like some copies please contact Mrs. Helken and she will see if we can round some up.

Books Available 

20,000 leagues Under the Sea (40 copies)
Ask Me No Questions (32 copies)
Arms and the man (16 copies)

A Tale of Two Cities (34 Copies)
Animal Farm (20 Copies)
Beardance (15 copies)
Black Beauty (15 copies)

The Big Lie (23 copies)
The Clay Marble (28 Copies)
The Canterbury Tales (19 Copies)

Charlottes Web (6 Copies)
Call it Courage (16 copies)
Circle of Gold (28 Copies)

Dogson (26 Copies)
Extra Credit ((26 Copies)
Endurance (29 copies)
The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm (7 copies)
Esperanza Rising (25 copies)
Great Expectations (7 Copies)

The Golden Fleece (27 Copies)
The Girls (20 Copies)
Hunger Games (27 Copies)
Help! (20 Copies)

The Horse and His Boy (6 copies)
Huckleberry Finn (30 Copies)
Island of the Blue Dolphins (9 copies)
The Lost World (15 Copies)
Likely Place (4 Copies)
My Side of the Mountain (25 copies)
Mrs. Frisby and Rat 08 of MMH (22 Copies)
The Midwifes Apprentice (5 copies)
Nothing But the Truth (33 Copies)
Ocean of Air (25 copies)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians  (27 whole 
The Red Pony (25 copies)
Romeo and Juliet (33 copies)
R.A.S.C.A.L. (27 Copies)
The Red Badge of Courage (20 copies)
Scorpions (20 copies)
Song of BE (14 Copies)

Secret of the Nymph (8 copies)
Star Girl (37 Copies)
That Was Then This is Now (16 copies)

Under the Bloodred Sun (30 Copies)
The Ugly's Series
Pretties (19 copies)
Extras (12 Copies)
Specials (34 Copies)
Ugly's (1 Copy)
Walkabout (29 Copies)