Integrated Math 2
Welcome to Integrated Math 2.

This class will cover a mix of topics from Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis. The first semester will focus mainly on algebra and coordinate geometry. Second semester will cover topics from plane geometry.

Grades will be based on individual quiz scores with the possibility of some projects contributing to the overall grade.

Quizzes will be completed on a weekly basis. Students who are absent for a quiz will need to take the quiz by Wednesday the following week to avoid having a zero score. Each quiz can be retaken as many times as necessary, until a satisfactory score has been achieved. Make up quizzes and retakes need to occur outside of regular class time. I.e. at lunch time, before or after school and during intervention time.

Daily homework will be assigned for students to practice material that will be on a quiz. The homework is practice and does not count towards a grade.

Students who miss school for any reason, or who need extra help, can find videos of the lesson topics by clicking the "Useful Links" at the left of this page.