The College for Every Student

Olathe Middle High School participates in CFES

What We Do

College For Every Student (CFES) is a nonprofit organization committed to raising the academic aspirations and performance of underserved youth so that they can prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college.

Core Practices

The essence of College For Every Student is the engagement of every CFES Scholar in three high-impact practices that research has shown effective in not only getting students on track toward college, but also helping them persist once there –MentoringLeadership through Service, and Pathways to College.

Mentoring fosters academic and personal growth by providing CFES Scholars a supportive relationship with an older, more experienced individual who can serve as a role model. All CFES schools have mentoring programs for their Scholars that utilize peers, adults, teachers, community leaders, and/or college students as mentors.

Leadership through Service helps CFES Scholars identify and express their leadership potential through activities that make their school and/or community a better place. CFES schools create meaningful opportunities for Scholars to provide leadership in service to others. Gaining leadership skills and taking responsibility for others builds self-confidence, encouraging personal aspirations for college and developing resilience that leads to college success.

Pathways to College partners CFES schools with colleges to provide opportunities for CFES Scholars to visit college campuses, interact with students and faculty, and gain exposure to the admissions process, financial aid options, and other higher education components.

Current Events and News!

* CFES Scholars are making fleece blankets to donate to our local senior center.  The scholars will be delivering the blankets within the next month along with goodie baskets.
*  CFES Scholars will be creating "Giving Trees" during the month of December.  Scholars will be decorating Christmas trees with school supplies.  Every student who needs paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, or erasers will be able to take one of the items off the tree.  The trees will be by each of the main doors and will be replenished daily. 

**CFES 7th Grade scholars Mentored and read to our local Early Childhood Center students.  Mentoring is practiced daily at OMHS. 
CFES Scholars
CFES Scholars