Cross Country

Hello, Everyone!   As you have probably seen or heard CHSAA has give approval for Cross Country season to move forward with some adjustment to our season.  The information explaining some the the revisions are here and as more details are available they will be provide.


1. New CHSAA rule,  COVID  or  No-COVID: only three practice days are required prior to the first competition in Cross Country.  

2. Mandatory Practices begin on Wednesday Aug 12th at 5:30 and will run till 7:30,  

3. First Opportunity to compete in a meet would be Aug 15th if all three practices Aug 12th,13th, and 14th are attended.   Joe Artchuleta  our AD is working on possible opportunities to run a meet on Aug. 15th.

4.  Prior to being able to practice on Wednesday Aug 12th  you must have a current physical and GO to Olathe HS and be registered in Arbiter sports.

5. Cross Country season has been shorten to 7 weeks.  The 8th week is the Regional meet and Week 9 will be the State Meet for those who qualify.   The CC season will conclude with the State meet on Oct 17th. 

6. All athletes must wear a mask when entering and exiting practice and during team meeting times.  No mask will be worn during any engaged segment of the workouts.   

7.  Bring your own water bottle that is clearly marked with your Name as well as Some sort of tote bag, backpack or over-shoulder bag to stow your personal gear.

8.  All athletes will be checked in prior to practice following the Covid Guideline provided by CHSAA.

9.  Location of Practices will always begin at the Middle school Mini Gym.





OLATHE RUNNING CAMP - Voluntary and  supervised by Coach Carlson will  be Monday Aug 10th and Tuesday Aug 11th  from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m  meeting at Middle School Mini Gym.   

Please follow the above Read bullet points 6 thru 8 above for guidelines that will be followed on during running camp. 


If you have any question or need further information please don't hesitate to contact me or the Olathe High School Athletic Department.


I look forward to a exciting and rewarding Cross Country season.