3/9 - East Africa and Sometimes in April

Here is a link to the full movie:

If you only missed a part of it, you can Google "Sometimes in April" and there are YouTube links that split it into 10 minute increments. 

Please make sure you have viewed the WHOLE movie and answered ALL questions. 

When completed with PowerPoint, go to Class Handouts and follow these instructions:

1. Click on "Chapter 10 Section 2"
in the 2nd Quarter Folder
2. Copy chart into your notes
3. Use pp. 222-227 to fill in the information - YOU WILL NEED THIS FOR THE CHAPTER 10 TEST!!!!!



If completed with your Natural Resource paper, follow these directions to review for the U.S./Canada Test:

1. Watch a video on U.S. Government
2. Watch a video on Canadian Government
2. Review Canadian Political Geography
3. Review Canadian Physical Geography
4. Review U.S. Physical Geography

10/15 - Natural Resource Paper Final Copy DUE
10/17 - U.S./Canada Test
10/20 - Grades due for 1st Quarter


World Geography will cover the basics of physical and human geography in relation to nine regions around the world. We will be looking at physical features of the world like landforms, bodies of water, climate/vegetation, etc. in addition to human characteristics like culture, regional identity, and human interaction with others and with the environment. Using skills like map-reading, interpreting graphs/charts, note-taking, and summarizing, students will gain a better understanding of the world around them and how the interact with that world.

We will be starting Unit 1: Basics of Geography using main idea questions and vocabulary words (found under the "Notes" tab). Working in stations and finding information in the text book with groups, will help students gather the necessary information before we start on Unit 2.