Cross Country

We are on the regional countdown.  Congratulations to everyone who ran a PR this past weekend at the Delta Pantherfest - we had another week of dropping times!

Kudos to the following individuals for setting PR's:
Taylor Hensley, Eduardo Alcaraz, Diego Jimenez,  Adrian Hernandez, and Sam Engelsman
Celia Lenihan, Vanessa Ceballos, Kimbery Ibarra, and Miranda Rea

Olathe Cross Country – Week of October 6th

*Eat and rest well so you can train to the best of your ability!*

*Keep your grades up!!

*2 Weeks to Regionals….

Monday -            3:45 – 6:00 – Team Meeting/ Long Trail Run with hills
Tuesday-             5:45 AM – Meet at School for Pool Practice (or 6 am at the pool)     


                             3:45 – 4:45 – Run/ Strength and Conditioning
Wednesday –    2:45 – 4:00 – Corn Park 400’s and Dynamic Flexibility
Thursday –          Palisade Invitational (JV Championships and Varsity Race)  
                             - See schedule below
Friday    –             3:45 – 4:45 – Practice
Saturday -           Montrose Relays and UV Splash – See Schedule below

*This if the final competition for all JV runners – only varsity regional teams will practice next week*

Palisade JV Championship
Thursday, October 9th– Riverbend Park – Palisade, CO
*Eat a good breakfast and lunch– include protein and whole grain carbs. 

1:00 - Release from school
1:10 – Depart OHS 
3:30 – Varsity Girls Race (Awards top 3) – Emily, Araceli, Vanessa,
4:00 – Varsity Boys Race (Awards top 3) – Taylor, Kurik, Eduardo,
4:30 – JV Girls Championship (Awards top 10 – Celia, Kimberly, Kitara, Maria, Miranda
5:00 – JV Boys Championship (Awards top 10 – Misa, Diego, Adrian, Nick, Dane, Sam
7:00 – Return to OHS

Montrose Relays and UV Splash*
Saturday, October 11th – Columbine Park – Montrose (At Columbine MS)

8:15 – Arrive at OHS/Depart 8:30
10:00 – High School Relays (3 1 Mile loops per runner, run in teams of two)
11:30 – Return to OHS
2:30 – Meet at OHS
3:30 – Linner – Lunch/Dinner at Red Robin – Bring Money!
5:00-9:00 – UV Splash Grand Junction – Final Cross Country Fundraiser of season (:  10:00 PM – Return to OHS

*This is a required team event – we are the main volunteers at this race and will be receiving a donation for our support.  Additionally, we will have fun team dinner prior to the event at Red Robin – will be a fun team afternoon.